Holiday Homework

For holiday homework we would like you too :
a) Continue with the Maya research project.
b) Write a diamante poem based on halloween changing into bonfire night. There are some amazing adjectives you could use for this! You can submit this on the blog. Remember the structure


adjective, adjective

verb, verb, verb

noun, noun, noun, noun

verb, verb, verb,

adjective, adjective



You could also usefully continue to learn the spellings which were sent home at the beginning of term, grab your reading book or log onto sumdog. Don’t forget to also have a well deserved rest from all your hard work this half term.

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Masks Stage 1!

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It seems that the Year 5 children love to read! Can you give a short review of your favourite book to encourage your friends to read it too?

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  • This week we looked at maps to learn where Maya people lived. Then we looked at a world map and talked about the places we have links with around the world. Can you tell us where you have links around the world? Can you ask your family if you have connections around the world that you didn’t know about?


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Welcome to Year Five!

Hopefully you have settled well into Year 5 by now. As the year goes on, we will all continue to  get to know each other better.

What are the 3 most interesting things about you? What are you looking forward to in the year ahead?

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